I look inside myself and paint, so when you look at my paintings you are looking at my emotions. You are looking inside a woman whose life and works reflect the lives of many of her fellowmen in the world.

I am an illustrator of women’s day-to-day life, and unfortunately I have a source full of oppression against women. I was born and raised in Iran and educated and considered me as a part of a community that wants to grow and change traditional attitudes towards women’s social and political conditions.

I immigrated to the Netherlands in 2017.

I decided to sew all of the pieces of my life together like my father who was a tailor and make a new outfit for my life. This decision made me use more collage and sewing in the works after 2018.  

1982:  Born in Tehran- Iran/ Maryam lives and works in Netherlands.

2000-2005: Studied Painting (Bachelor of Art) at the Shahed university of Tehran-Iran